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Large Format Die Cutting; the Nuri 2517

Our large format semi-automatic Nuri 2517 die-cutter was the biggest installation in Europe in 2011, and reinforces the company's position at the forefront of point-of-sale and packaging innovation. 

The machine is capable of die-cutting and fully stripping a maximum sheet size of 1720mm x 2520mm at a cycle speed of up to 2100 sheets per hour. It is exceptionally versatile, being able to convert various material substrates including solid board up to 3mm thickness, corrugated up to 8mm, laminates, films and plastic corrugated. 

The machine uses the industry standard Centreline 2 tooling system making smaller sheet sizes interchangeable with our existing Klett Cobra. 

Machine Tolerances:

Max Sheet Size: 1720 X 2520MM
Max Cutting Size: 1700 X 2500MM

Klett Cobra Auto Die-Cutter

Our fully automatic Klett Cobra Express flatbed die-cutting machine can die-cut and fully strip sheets at up to 6,000 feeds per hour. It also uses the industry standard Centreline 2 tooling system which is interchangeable between other die-cutter makes such as Bobst and Asahi, and can die-cut materials ranging from 1000 micron solid board to BC double wall corrugated. 

Machine Tolerances:

Max Sheet Size: 1250 X 1650MM 
Max Cutting Size: 1225 X 1630MM

Clam-Shell Platens

Swanline operates two Clam-Shell Platens which are ideally suited to shorter run lengths and point-of-sale displays. 

Machine Tolerances:

Max Sheet Size: 1580 X 2260MM 
Max Cutting Size: 1560 X 2220MM
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Swanline can also offer digital die-cutting solutions, with our Kongsberg XP and XN cutting tables.
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